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CPL-Coil to Coil Polishing Line for Stainless Steel Service Center 

整卷油磨線主要用于不銹鋼冷軋卷帶的表面拋光,去除表面缺陷,同時獲得裝飾級表面,例如No3,No4,HL,SB, Duplo 冷卻介質為乳化液或礦物油。需要配置冷卻液循環過濾系統。無錫眾爍整卷油磨線適用600-1600mm寬,0.4-3mm厚的冷卷加 工。眾爍還提供干式整卷拋光線,采用軟木砂帶獲得類似SB的表面,生產線速度在50m/min以上.
CPL is applied mainly for the removal of small defect in coldrolling SS coil in wet, obtain the decorative finishing, i. e. No. 3,No 4, HL, SB& Duplo. The coolant could be emulsion or mineral oil. Coolant filtration and recycling system is essential to the complete line. Zs CPL is designed for cold rolling coil to coil processing up from 600 to 1600 mm width and a thickness between 0. 4 to 3.0 mm.
WUXI ZS also provide CPL dry. Cork belt will be applied to obtain the finishing similar to Scotch-Brite finishing(SB), feed ing speed of dry CPl could be 50m/min or more.
Advantage of ZS CPL
No defects and chatter mark from the line
Line speed up to 40m/min max
Line is suitable for 24 hours continuous production
High level of Automation, i.e. Constant Load. Welding Seam
Tracking System(optional supply with welder)
Operation and maintenance friendly

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