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PGL- Grinding Polishing Line for Heavy Plate 


中厚板修磨線主要用于去除熱軋中厚板軋制,退火酸洗過程中產生的缺陷并去除殘留的氧化皮,以獲得要求的 尺寸精度和粗糙度。冷卻介質為乳化液。需要配置冷卻液循環過濾系統。無錫眾爍中厚板修磨線適用于600-2200mm寬,1-30mm厚的冷板或熱板加工。
WX ZS also provide PGL dry
Full Automatic Grinding and Polishing Linet for Heavy Plate is applied mainly for the removal of defects from hot rolling, pickling annealing process and residual scale, and achieve the requested thickness and rough-ness. The coolant could be emulsion or mineral oil. Coolant filtration and recycling system is essential to the complete line. ZS PGL is designed for processingof hot rolling heavy plate from 600 to 2200 mm width and athickness between 1.0 to 30 mm

●Machine tool level manufacturing accuracy which is suitable for the calibration grinding of SS, Ti, Ni, Zr, Mo
●Powerful main motor for high normal force
●Driven top and bottom pinch/feeding roll
●Huge coolant flow rate to avoid cold hardening from processing
●High level of Automation, i.e. Constant Load
●Operation and maintenance friendly

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